Who WE Are


The IDX team delivers custom design and technology solutions to differentiate your business,
giving you a competitive advantage. We combine quality and speed,
to help you achieve your goals and beat the competition to market. Our team focuses on
design and development that centers around Customer Experience,
giving you the best tailored solution for your business needs.

What We do


We take the time to understand your business needs and cater a specific strategy tailored for you.


We're skilled in a wide range of tools and platforms and know how to choose the right one for your specific product needs.


We create customized software solutions to bring value to your business, customer base, and investment.


We believe it has never been more critical to offer users an integrated and frictionless digital experience which aligns with their daily lives.


We take it further by making it easier for developers to consume our custom-built technology.


We adapt and innovate using new technologies, to bring creative solutions that work to drive the future of digital business.

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Shawn Firminger, Program
Manager, Authentic ID

As a tech startup, meeting the needs of our enterprise customers is paramount, and IDX has proven to be a strategic partner in that effort. We engage on multiple projects (mobile and cloud) from concept to release, including customers for technical support when required. IDX is well run and brings thought-leadership to every conversation.

Our blog

Come find out more about what excites us and what we love to work on.

For many valid business reasons, we come across situations where we need to uniquely identify the device.

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Rich World of Conversations.“An opportunity to reach out to millions of users without investing time and money in developing your own app”

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Is Virtual Reality becoming a reality soon ?
If you’re one of them who has tried one of those headset and has experienced any demo.

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1928 E 8th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada





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